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Consular Services

To improve the service provided for Georgian citizens and for foreigners as well, the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia created this new web page. It will help you to easily get necessary information and services.

The web page contains lots of interesting and useful information concerning the work of Georgian Consular Offices abroad. We tried to make easier the process of getting consular services for citizens; now it is possible to get distance services through the submission of e-application. It will save your time and finances. During the e-application submission process you can use video-guide and general instructions concerning all the steps for the submitting the e-application in details.

The web page allows you:

  • To get the information about the services provided by Georgian Consular Offices abroad and by the Consular Department, also – the information about tariffs and fee waivers.
  • To submit e-application and get some consular services without leaving home.
  • To get full information about Georgian and/or foreign visa procedures.
  • To use the application electronic register, to check the submitted application and its status.
  • To get consular registration in order to effectively protect your rights and legal interests.
  • To get useful information about each country before travelling abroad.
  • To find the contact details of Georgian Consular Offices abroad.

For consular matters please visit: